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Let others in, and your world will become so much bigger. This card can also symbolize the purchase of real estate or investing your funds for retirement. Leo's keywords: wealth, prosperity, success, fruits of your labor, ease, harvest, security, materialism, luxury, self-reliance. The Knight of Swords rushes in, ready to do battle. This is the energy you'll need at this time. Events may be tricky, and storm clouds threaten the peace. You must be willing to stand up, speak out, and fight the good fight!

When times are tough, people look to the brave folks who are unafraid to take a stand. Make your point. No holding back. An assertive, brash approach will cut through the clouds and clear the air.

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You may irritate a few people, but in the long run, you'll be glad you did. Virgo's keywords: haste, excitement, swiftness, ideas, speaking out, assertiveness, combat, storm, defense, impatience.

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Honesty will be your weapon at this time. You must lead with your truth and be willing to tell it like it is, even if your words are unpopular. This is not about winning hearts -- it's about being fair and honest. If others choose to bend the facts, do not let that discourage you. Stand tall, keep a cool head, and present the truth. Your ability to think independently is needed at this time.


Mentally stimulating activities keep your brain happy. Indulge in your love of learning as much as you can. Do not be afraid to confront ignorance wherever you can. Libra's keywords: truth-teller, logic, vision, intelligence, self-reliant, critical, thought leader, making a point, sharpness, objective. A stroke of luck comes your way. Opportunity is knocking Take a chance! You may be delighted to see the change ahead. Your life is about to take a significant turn for the better. The Wheels of Fate are turning for you, and improvement is on the way. You must be ready to act when the doors open.

While luck may be on your side, that does not mean you get to be complacent. Fortune favors the brave, not the lazy. Everything is moving in your favor, so do your part to ensure it stays that way. Scorpio's keywords: fate, change, a pivotal time, fortune, luck, karma, adjustment, consequences, chance, cycles.

Important news comes your way. Something is about to change, and you must be ready to make a move. Keep your cool because it may not be apparent at first. Stay alert and look for any hidden information.

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It's possible that this could be the start of a legal issue or a new conflict. It won't take much time to get to the truth of the matter. You're sharp like that. This card can also indicate a time when you get a bold new idea and are ready to take action on it.

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The flashes of inspiration that come to you now are genius. Sagittarius' keywords: news, change, justice, truth, student, learning, bright, witty, rash, alertness. No surprise to see The Tower for Capricorn. After all, the Saturn Pluto conjunction is in your sign! Everything may seem like it's in flux at this time. All the old structures you've depended on are coming crashing down around you. It's also possible that you may be doing a significant release by letting go of old habits, ideas, and situations that no longer work for you.

You may feel scared at this time but rest assured, because what's going needs to go to make way for something better. A new life is on the horizon, one that will be stronger and more resilient. Trust that everything that is happening right now is happening for you, not to you. Capricorn's keywords: upheaval, change, disruption, evolution, liberation, release, break-up, tearing down, freedom, chaos.

Pull back from the fray.

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Step away from the drama and find time alone. This will help you to clear your mind and remain objective. While others seem to thrive in chaos, you will do better if you honor your need for solitude. A period of deep reflection will help you to gather the answers.

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Slow down. Be patient. Don't push yourself. Allow for answers to come to you through looking within. If you are still having trouble getting clarity, reach out to a teacher you trust. Their wise advice may give you the direction you need at this time. Aquarius' keywords: solitude, peace, introspection, wisdom, research, seeking, withdrawal, maturity, teacher, loneliness. Starts : Tuesday: 28th January Evenings: pm - 8pm. Place: Craigieburn, Melbourne. Learn the wisdom of the Tarot.

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Not only to help others, but also to help yourself. Tarot is a tool for Self Discovery. The art of Tarot is not just used for fortune telling,. The tarot is a spiritual, self-analytical system designed for transmuting all your old karma into a new being. Tarot teaches us about consciousness in the language of symbols.

Working with Tarot. Increases your awareness.

Colours are more vivid. Your emotions are more alive. Your sense of touch more sensitive. You become aware of the inner states of the emotions of other people. You will learn the symbolism on each of the 78 cards. Including: the colours, the numbers, astrology reference, etc.

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Tarot spreads, Psychic protection, meditation, reading techniques, Tarot ethics and more are included in the Tarot Course. Tarot is a life time of study. The Tarot Course will give you all the tools you need to guide you on your journey.