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Vague pronouncements do not advance debate. Astrology provides explanations that are scientifically verifiable.

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It encourages us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions. The astronomer and mathematician, Aritaka Kumamoto, studied in Europe with funding from the Meiji Government. Radical Astrology and root canals Because my trade is in words, I periodically focus on certain terms and phrases and wonder about their usage. Biography: : Derek Norcott has studied and researched astrology since We are the oldest continuously running astrological organisation in the Western world.

Other than in certain philosophical areas my astrology is purely scientific. Events can occur because of fate, purpose, or chance, of which only the first can be traced to the stars. Mr Bray has shown he is working with progressions and transits, but such approaches are unscientific and worthless.

His warning will not be fulfilled. On 20 August an eclipse took place in 27 Leo, exactly similar to this year, but historical records indicate no corresponding happenings. Hard evidence was nowhere in sight until five weeks into the debate, when a critic identified only as "JSS" proposed a test that both Bray and Tucker accepted. I was born in England on 8 June at 4 pm.

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What is my hair colour, sex, height, weight, profession, religion, politics, state of health, and chief hobby? Six weeks later JSS announced the results. Neither Bray nor Tucker knew anything about me except my birth data. Both are very experienced and both claim to be scientific. They are openly contemptuous of each other's methods, and both are equally wide of the mark, the outcome being: hits 1 politics , misses 5 hair colour, height, weight, religion, health , not definite misses 3 profession, hobby, marriage.

Hardly support for the claims of astrology. Both astrologers also gave a character reading, and here JSS's test was perhaps the first of its kind to use controls, albeit crude ones.

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So his assessment is worth describing in some detail:. JSS concluded: "The test has been an unqualified and obvious failure suggesting unmistakably that astrology has no scientific or practical significance, and that the stars can tell me nothing that I cannot get for a penny out of an automatic machine with equal certainty of being correctly informed. Sunday Referee headline announces JSS's test result. One critic noticed further problems: Bray qualifies his statements with vagueness so they may mean anything or nothing. Tucker knows all about JSS's personality but nothing about his profession or hobbies.

If JSS matches Tucker's description he must be as mad as a hatter -- How can anyone who is emotional and temperamental be practical and determined? Or be suited to being a salesman? How can a changeable mind be logical and precise? As for Bray's eclipse-based forecast, seismic events are common in Central America, and England always gets influenza epidemics in January.

So Mr Bray's guess cannot be wrong. Conclusion: "Astrologers batten on the almost universal unwillingness of people to examine their prophecies closely and the equally common tendency of inadequately educated people to be swayed by cabalistic terminology and high-sounding phraseology. Astrologers are either conscious knaves or unconscious fools". On 27 August , after 11 weeks of heated debate, the editor announced "The correspondence on Astrology must now be regarded as closed", implying that one test was worth a thousand quarrels.

He added "We shall return to the question at a later date. Perhaps because the newspaper ceased publication when it was sold in According to the editor of the Astrological Journal , 33, , until it was the only work of its kind, at least in English. Cover price in was two pence. Charles Carter was the leading British astrologer of his day and was noted for his clear writing. His 34 objections are actually questions such as "How is it that twins are often dissimilar in disposition and fortune?

Questions 4 and 5 come closest to the issue of evidence. The first asks "Is it not on the face of it absurd to believe things as distant as the planets can affect human beings? Astrologers KNOW, as a matter of practical research, that the stellar and planetary orbs are related to human beings; and any inquirer can soon prove the matter for himself. The only deniers of astrological truths are those who, being entirely ignorant of its principles and practice, are yet so devoid of the true scientific spirit that they will not abstain from passing judgement upon what some of the greatest minds of the past [such as Kepler] have studied and believed.

The next question points out that, even if "planets are related to emotional or even physical changes in our organisms, it is still very hard to believe they can bring about purely accidental happenings", to which Carter replies by again appealing to experience:. Yet it is undoubted that all important events are indicated in the horoscope of birth, or nativity, and the time at which they happen can be ascertained by what are called 'directions', some of which can be seen at a glance from the nativity.

Controlled tests were still some decades away, and other questions are answered by the same appeal to experience. In short, there was no advance over the previous stalemates. Dr Marshall was also science editor of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin then the largest evening newspaper in the USA , a popular spokesman for astronomy, and well-known for his vitriolic attacks on astrology.

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He was the classic closed-minded debunker. According to Omarr, O'Neill held a positive view of astrology, but Marshall who knew O'Neill very well did not believe him. Omarr subsequently wrote to O'Neill for clarification, and received a prompt reply. Excerpts relevant to the claimed evidence for astrology are reproduced below. The quotation you cite is: "While I do not believe all astrology is scientific and worthwhile there is a certain amount of good work being done in that field and it is that which makes me try to do something to help the astrologers.

I have no hesitancy in verifying the quotation. If I were making the statement today I would make it much stronger on the basis of developments in the meantime. I have had, over a long period of years, extensive contact with all of the sciences from anthropology to zoology.

I have [also] made numerous contacts with astrology. For years I condemned it as unscientific and totally irrational. Astrology, properly defined, is the accumulated and organized knowledge of the effect on man of the forces reaching the earth from surrounding space.

The hypothesis of the astrologers that forces are transmitted to the earth without attenuation with increasing distance, and do not vary with respect to the differences in masses of the Sun, Moon and planets on which they originate, was totally inconsistent with the old-style Newtonian mechanics, but today it is in complete accord with the much more recent Einstein photoelectric theory, which demonstrates that the effect of a photon does not diminish with distance, and which has been universally adopted by scientists to supplant the Newtonian mechanics in that field.

A vitalistic cosmogony will recognize a complete and most intimate harmonic relationship, in a single pattern, between every entity from the fundamental particles, through the atoms, through man, through the planetary system, through the galaxies, the cosmos, to the Godhead itself.

The hypotheses of astrology are consistent with such a vitalistic cosmogony. In this respect, the astrological concept is much more modern than the astronomical. In presenting this objective view of astrology I do not want to be misunderstood as recommending that scientists take lessons in the technique of casting and interpreting horoscopes, or that I am giving sanction to the varied misconceptions and unsupported claims in which many of the astrologers indulge.

I do urge an extensive statistical investigation of every claim for specific and configurational effects attributed to the planets by the astrologers. Until this is done, no scientist can provide justification for making a statement for or against the existence of such effects. The task must rest largely on the astrologers themselves. In hindsight we can see that O'Neill's comments are based more on extraterrestrial influences than on astrology itself. He would have been aware of Ellsworth Huntington seasonal effects and Edward Dewey cycles. He was also aware of Velikovsky, whose now discredited views he described as "a magnificent piece of scholarly historical research".

His view of the need to justify statements for or against planetary effects was widely held, but getting adequate data and proper tests was very difficult, as was doing every calculation by hand, to say nothing of overcoming prejudice. Nevertheless, compared to and , we can see here a continuation of the move towards empirical findings, and away from claims based on unreliable experience.

After lengthy discussion, the founding had been fixed in advance for Saturday 21 June at pm in London, at which moment the chairman of the meeting, watch in hand, announced that the AA had been born. Something for everyone. It is also a subsidiary symbol of Uranus, usually regarded as the planet of Astrology.

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Right: the AA's logo from and still in use today. Orange was the AA journal's cover colour from through Meetings are planned for the first Wednesday of the month starting in October, Join the Astrological Association here. Looking for an astrology talk, meeting or conference? A chance to share a day, an afternoon, an evening or a weekend with like-minded people? Have an astrology meeting, talk or conference that you'd like to publicise? The Astrological Association's calendar lists all kinds of astrology-related events.

Looking for an astrology group in your area, where you can meet up with friendly like-minded people for astrology chats, and hear lectures by experienced astrologers?

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Find one here. Click here to register and receive up to date news on the astrological community, free recordings and articles. Got a payment to make? Vincent Godbout. Mathematician, mentalist, astrologer, and designer of the Mastro Astrological Software expert system, Vincent holds a certificate in college education, a B.

From to , he was a professor of mathematics. He is also the author of a French adaptation of the best seller Thomas and Finney's Differential and Integral Calculus. Quite passionate about astrology since , in he becomes the owner of the astrological bookstore Nouvel Athanor where, in collaboration with Axel Harvey, he will be the first to offer computerized services to Montreal astrologers.

In the s, he lectured on research and statistics in astrology as well as on Cosmobiology. This new approach led him to develop automated tools to support astrological interpretation. Retired from teaching since , he is involved in music, classical singing and he takes care of his mentalist career under the pseudonym of Mentalo. More importantly, he devotes most of his time to astrological research and the development of Mastro. Franco Soulbody. Franco is a Renaissance Man; mechanical engineer, parent, musician, athlete, astrologer, energy worker and Wiccan priest.

His interests are not scattered but rather held together by the common thread between all these interests. Franco has served Astrology Toronto in the past as secretary and vice president. Chris McRae.