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Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

You can be on hand with a supply of emotional sticking plaster. So, gird your loins and carry on!

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

Venus, the ruler of your gentler affections, is inspiring you to dream of love. The only question is, of course, will partners respond? Leos who can arrange or implement travel plans or forge overseas links should get on with it: there is no time to waste.

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It may now be clear that a major alteration in your work methods or routine is unavoidable. If you make an early start, you should do well, attracting support and admiration.

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How silly its all about. His predictions are accurate and remedies effective. Until the first two weeks of this month, you will be busy in managing your personal life more than social. Leo Horoscope. Someone is likely to hurt your feelings, but it will not be deliberate, so take it in your stride.

Those who now feel neglected or hard-done-by, should have taken the trouble to find out what makes you tick. Neither would they have let you down! Declarations of love are one thing, but you may embarrass yourself as well as others.


In fact, your foot may be well and truly wedged in your mouth! It goes without saying that your words need to be chosen with care. Your creative energy should now be at a peak, but not perhaps because the stars are all on your side. No gain without pain is a different way of doing it. Success will be guaranteed on the basis of your experience and skill.

In fact, almost everything of importance seems to be concealed from public view. Love Focus: You are likely to explore some new eating and shopping places with lover today. Your exercise regimen will ensure that you remain fit and energetic. You will have to tighten your belt on the financial front, if you want to save for an expensive item. Additional tasks at work can affect your performance negatively.

Family ties are likely to get strengthened as you spare time for your near and dear ones today.

Venus enters Sagittarius

An out of town friend or relative is likely to invite you over and make you seriously plan on the journey. Some of you may be allotted a flat in a draw.

Good opportunities will come to those who have cleared a tough competition. Love Focus: You will need to start thinking of mending fences with someone you have strained relations with. You will be able to exercise self-control where food is concerned and enjoy satisfactory health. Your serious attitude at work will keep you focused and help wind up a task quickly. A family elder can wage a silent emotional war and get you all upset. You are simply going to love a trip with someone you get along with well. A misplaced item or purse may have to be given up as lost.


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A regular workout schedule will help keep you trim and energetic. A delayed payment may finally be received. Tough competition at work can dishearten you and make you lose self-confidence. A family youngster is likely to make you proud. A business trip is likely to bring new deals, but keep your cards close to your chest.

You can become the proud owner of a property. Your go-getting attitude is likely to make you the favorite of seniors. Someone may be instrumental in opening new avenues for earning for you. Your consistent performance will help in enhancing your promotional prospects. Something done together as a family will be most enjoyable. Someone may invite you to accompany him or her on a journey. Good returns are in the pipeline for those on the verge of disposing of their property. Health can cause problems due to negligence. A lot is happening on the home front, so expect some exciting time ahead!

Good eating habits will prevent you from falling prey to gastric problems. You are likely to have your cake and eat it too on the financial front. Job market will appear rosy as opportunities increase. A happening evening can bring you in contact with old friends and relatives. It seems to be an excellent day for travelling and meeting old friends and relatives, so go forth and enjoy!

Collective decision is best for an ancestral property. A surprise gift can raise your spirits and make you want to reciprocate in the same coin. Those pursuing a professional goal may find success without much effort. Not spending enough time with family may upset spouse and other family members. If you are travelling to meet someone confirm his or her presence first, before setting out. Some pressure may be put on you regarding a property matter and can make you upset. Those on a buying spree can overspend on some good bargains. Love Focus: If love is what you seek, it is celebration time already as you manage to impress someone from the opposite camp!

You are likely to remain in the pink of health through your own efforts. A solution to a professional problem is likely to be worked out by you and is bound to impress higher ups. Organizing a party or a function at home will make it possible to meet your near and dear ones. If travelling to someplace exotic is on your mind, then consider your wish granted! A house or an apartment is likely to come in your name.

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It can become difficult to prevent a costly mistake due to your carelessness. Health conscious may push hard to attain perfect fitness.