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Maa Baglamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya, invoked for destruction of enmity, which is perceived as destruction of enemies. This is the Supreme divine force, believed to have been appealed by Lord Ram to destroy the demon Ravan with Maha rudra Abhishek is performed once in a lifetime to get the blessings of the Lord Shiva.

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It is considered as the best remedial solution for removing the negative effects of the heavenly bodies and get success as well as prosperity in life. This yagya is supremely effective in bringing faster recovery from bad Health and save your life.

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It balances health and brings them resistance to disease. Extermination all evils, and protects the humankind from all evil forces and negative effect.

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Devi Mahatmya Path, the Goddess as the supreme power and creator of the universe, a tradition within Hinduism that reverses the Shakti- the creator of the universe and the Brahmans. Devi Bhagwat Path is also known as Shrimad Devi Vaastu is an ancient science that defines layout of building- a house or an office complex should be designed in a manner that goes in harmony with the physical as well as mental forces.

There are many things to consider like design, geometry Acharya Ji has experience of around a decade and he is well versed with the different Pujans that can be perfromed with proper rituals. With Pujan, one can purify the enviornemnt around and gather positive vibes that give peace of mind and soul.

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Wanglamukhi puja is for self defence, destruction of enemies, avoidance of court cases and long term disputes and economic well being. Maha Mrityunjay puja is to avoid all types of worries, to get rid of any and all types of illness, family disputes, general well being of the family and longevity. Dus Mahadevi Puja is for the various deities for special benefits in the areas wealth, knowledge, success, career, son and wife.

This Anushthan is for getting a son, which is considered auspicious and essential for the extention of your family tree.

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Gayatri Anushthan is for getting peace of mind and acquiring knowledge, family happiness, addition to family etc. Nav Graha Shanti Anushthan is for the peace of the nine planets, depending upon the specific planetary positions. A planet which is placed in an in auspicious house may require energy infusion through this puja. We have lots of clientele not only in India, in fact, other countries just because of having satisfied results; along with that their clientele is ever growing.

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Acharaya Abhishek Astrologer is a renowned celebrity astrologer, practicing astrology since years. Narendra Bansal Jee Merut. He also provides horoscope predictions to various mobile networks and also on various magazines. He is known to provide solutions within the next 72 hours after being informed about your problems. Report Message:. His main focus is to help people through his highly accurate prediction and consultation. It not only provides a solution but also instils hope in a situation where a person is unable to seek it themselves.

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